9 May 2016

Paragon completes £17m multipurpose hub for BMW Group UK

One of Paragon’s most exciting projects of 2015 was the multi-phased refurbishment of vacant former laboratory and industrial space in Farnborough to create a multipurpose hub for BMW Group UK’s commercial activities.

Vacant for several years, the site had enormous potential as an opportunity to co-locate BMW Group’s UK national sales company together with its financial services and fleet management teams for the first time in one location.


The project involved the refurbishment and fit-out of three existing buildings totalling 300,000 sq ft to form versatile office accommodation, the refurbishment of two 10-level car parks and, following some demolition works, the construction of a new 6,000 sq ft pre-distribution test centre workshop.


This was our third project for BMW Group won through competitive tender. We knew from the outset several factors were of critical importance to our client: cost certainty, schedule and the quality and content of a collaborative working environment where staff come first.


The end result has created a great opportunity to showcase BMW Group’s premium brands and the spaces establish the internal cultural identity of the business. The closer working relationship between the national sales company, the financial services and fleet management companies in the group brings further benefits to BMW’s customers.


Not only are there exceptional workspaces that fully support BMW Group’s vision to build a new culture in a new environment, but as a team we even managed to introduce a more sustainable approach to the refurbishment and refit.


The project includes encounter spaces which add a new and exciting feel to the environment, and not only BMW Group’s mark on the buildings, but also greatly contribute to the wellbeing of the staff that work there.

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