21 August 2017

Reclaimed timber in the spotlight

The Young Vic Theatre is committed to ensuring that everything they do is as environmentally responsible and sustainable as possible. Recently they needed reclaimed timber to build the set for their production “Life of Galileo”, and reached out to Interserve Construction to see if they could assist.

With the help of our waste management partners Encore Environment, Operations Director John Morriss identified used plywood on a refurbishment project that was underway in the City of London.  Encore provided the transportation free of charge and twenty sheets of used plywood were delivered to the Theatre.

This resulted in not only a financial savings for the theatre, but the carbon saving was measured at 1141.6 CO2 kg. To illustrate, this is the equivalent of:

  • 2,736 mile car journey
  • Electricity from 0.169 homes for one year
  • 6 barrels of oil consumed
  • Carbon storage equivalent to 1.1 acres of forest in one year


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