9 September 2015

Paragon staff give a day to charity in relay challenge

Paragon’s support in relay challenge helps fund raise for charity.


Paragon is helping charities in need across the UK by undertaking a variety of fundraising initiatives. The ‘Give a Day of your Time’ (GADOYT), which is an ongoing relay challenge initiated by the Interserve Employee Foundation (IEF), involves Paragon staff dedicating a day of their time to charitable organisations. The Paragon team are already getting their hands dirty through activities such as ground maintenance, garden and park clearance, animal rescue and cooking.


Once someone has undertaken their charity challenge, they have to nominate someone else to take up a similar fundraising task for charities and voluntary groups. Those already benefiting from the challenge include St. Piers School for Young Epilepsy, Whitechapel Mission, Shropshire Cat Rescue, Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice in Normanby and Friends of Telford Town Park.


The GADOYT is designed to improve the lives of the less privileged by supporting projects from different charitable organisations.


The challenge is already gaining popularity over on Interserve’s and Paragon’s social media channels and support is encouraged using the

#IGaveADay hashtag.

I gave a day - hi-res