16 June 2016

THE INTERSERVE SOCIETY REPORT Apprenticeships: the path to success? ?

In 2015 Interserve published its first ‘Society Report’, which examined the public’s attitude towards big business.


In 2016 the focus has shifted to look at the attitudes towards apprenticeships.  Research undertaken by Interserve highlights that there is still much work to do to raise the profile of apprenticeships among three key groups – young people, their parents and many UK employers.


Adrian Ringrose, Interserve’s Chief Executive, comments:

“This report provides a snapshot of attitudes and perceptions towards apprenticeships among young people, parents and employers at a time when the forthcoming Apprenticeship Levy has firmly pushed the topic onto the business agenda. However, as the report shows, much more needs to be done to change perceptions and raise awareness of apprenticeship schemes.

“It is evident that apprenticeships suffer from an image problem and lack the prestige assigned to university education. Business, government and educators must all work together to better inform parents and young people about apprenticeships, in order to ensure that these schemes can become a driving force for skills and sustainable careers.”

The nationally representative survey of more than 5,000 people and over 500 businesses undertaken by YouGov, was commissioned by Interserve to assess how well apprenticeships are currently understood and what challenges there might be to their wider adoption. Interserve, the FTSE-listed international support services and construction company, is one of the UK’s largest private employers.

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